Santorini: A Foodie’s Paradise
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Mediterranean cuisine is considered by many the best worldwide. The mild climate and the fertile land offer a wide range of quality products. Olive oil, tomatoes,  fava peas and fresh seafood among others, constitute the basis of the healthy Mediterranean diet. 
Except for its amazing landscape, quaint neighborhoods, whitewashed edifices and of course its celestial attractions, Santorini is widely known for its locally sourced products. That’s why the island has emerged as a prestigious culinary destination over the years. If we add to that the crystal waters that provide local markets with fresh seafood, Santorini is considered a paradise for the foodies. Due to its volcanic soil and the unique climate, the island is also considered the cradle of the best wines in Greece. 
At Oregano Restaurant we have created the perfect setting to indulge in Santorini’s amazing delicacies overlooking the amazing backdrop. Our pool offers a serene place to take in the natural beauty, enjoying our signature dishes. Before your eyes will see the history of the Mediterranean cuisine featured in delicious recipes, but told in a modern way. Fresh, local products are used to each of our delicacies giving always a gourmet twist. 
The most tasteful epilogue of a day full of culinary surprises is written with our amazing deserts. Just lay back and enjoy the mesmerizing sunset. Is there anything else to ask during your vacations? Check out our specialties here:
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