The Island of the Ever-Present Volcano
Santorini is an emblematic island of Cyclades, world renowned for its lunar shaped beaches and its distinctive architecture. It has been closely related to the presence of the volcano, a volcano that has been around for thousands of years and that has helped shape the island’s current form. Due to ongoing eruptions, the lava has spread all over the soil and has made it exceptionally singular. Its unique composition along with the diverse structure of the ground has made Santorini such a splendid place that gets instantly imprinted on one’s heart and mind.
You can schedule a daily trip to the volcano by boat and watch the active craters, overlooking from the top of the small islets composing the archipelago of Thera. It is a wonderful experience, as you will have the opportunity to see from up close the place where it all started; the place that has led to the fierce formation of the caldera and the breathtaking cliffs that resemble other planets, far from Earth. In addition, you will get the chance to swim in the therapeutic waters of the sulfur beach. Thanks to the distinctive ingredients in the sulfur, this is a remedy for various illnesses and therefore it is a welcoming dive in the waters of the Aegean.

The island of Santorini honors the ever-present volcano, respecting its awe-inspiring character. In fact, there is an annual celebration of Ifaisteia each end of summer (typically in September), where the locals represent the huge volcanic eruption that took place a long time ago but is always remembered. Do not feel intimidated, rather rejoice and feel the volcanic aura surrounding you on the island of Santorini! In a transcendental place of dream material, the volcano is always there and you can feel its intense and yet mesmerizing character calling out to you…
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