Sailing Experience
Live the ultimate Santorini sailing experience and enjoy exquisite moments of pleasure, relaxation and invigoration on board. Your dreamy Santorini catamaran cruise is available any time of the day or night, fully customizable to meet your needs and desires. Whether you wish to enjoy a day out at sea discovering secluded beaches of Santorini or you choose to indulge in island hopping, whether you seek to find the perfect venue for a private wedding or the most wonderful party with friends, A Santorini sailing cruise is just what you need!

With our modern Santorini Catamaran fleet and with the know-how and long experience, at Volcano Yachting we are able to offer you unique Santorini sailing tours that will stay imprinted in your heart forever! Enjoy the imposing backdrop with the world’s largest caldera submerging from the water and embark on a Santorini sunset Catamaran cruise to treasure. Feel the romance overflow during the most wonderful sunset Oia sailing cruises, when thousands of different colors burst in the sky and flood the sea. The absolute romantic destination in the world becomes even more transcendental, through the most iconic sunset Oia sailing cruises. 

Be it a morning cruise, a sunset Oia Catamaran tour or a full day out at sea, you are introduced to the genuine meaning of luxurious, exclusive sailing experiences. Pick the Santorini cruise that best appeals to you or create your own Santorini Catamaran tour. Sky is the limit! Private or semi-private, there are endless sailing cruises Santorini has to offer, for unforgettable moments of watery bliss across the Aegean. 

Explore the hidden gems of Santorini and its unearthly beaches, along with th crystalline waters and the dramatic backdrop. Feel the mystifying aura of the island, taking part in a glorious Santorini sunset Catamaran cruise that takes you by surprise. Sunset is epic everywhere, let alone while boarded on a luxurious, all-sparkling sea vessel taking you right in the heart of this magnificent phenomenon in a Santorini cruise. Combine this experience with a candlelight dinner or even pop out the question as the sun is slowly dipping in the water and enjoy! 

Besides the all-time-classic sunset Oia sailing cruises, there is so much more you can delve in when in Santorini and Cyclades. Fishing tours and cooking on board, indulging in scuba diving and other water sports, these are just few of the things to do in a Santorini sailing cruise. Get inspired by the infinite blue of the Aegean Sea and feel like a seaman searching for new lands. Rather than any boat, you have a marvel of ergonomics, the finest Santorini Catamaran at your service. 

Draw your course on the map and pick the Santorini Catamaran tour that will introduce you to the island from a splendid point of view. The sea has always been synonymous to the Greeks and their long-lasting history. It is due to their craftmanship that they have developed such prominent civilizations ever since antiquity. The sea unites us all, even though the oceans might at first seem dividing the lands. 

Pay tribute to a never-ending tradition, a pattern that has survived through the centuries and adjust it to your own measures in Catamaran cruise Santorini. Trust Volcano Yachting for a Santorini cruise that exceeds your expectations and leaves you craving for more… Welcome! 


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